Buttercream Icing 


(For about 30 cupcakes)

  • 1/2 cup butter (softened)
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla
  • 4 cups icing sugar
  • 5 tablespoons milk


  1. Set out the butter (make sure it's soft) and cut it up into about 10 small peices.
  2. Next, add your butter and vanilla into a large bowl and beat together. After that's been incorperated, add in about 1 cup of your icing sugar (slowly). Beat until you get a nice and creamy mixture.
  3. Add in another cup of sugar along with about a spoonful of your milk. Keep on adding until you get all of it in there.
  4. If your icing is a bit stiff for your liking, add some more milk.
  5. You may also add some food coloring, if desired. 


      When I first started making this icing, I was a bit intimidated. I saw the ingredients to a buttercream icing and thought Holy Cream Cheese! thats a lot of sugar. I wouldn't be pressured to use all 4 cups if I wasn't a big sweet tooth (like my dad). But, you've got to admit, it's pretty darn simple!

      I also found that my first attempt turned out little too thick for spreading (or even piping). Don't be scared to add more milk to get that consistency just right. In addition, this is the type of icing that gets hard overtime. Eventually, it just crumbles when you take a bite of the cake/ cupcake. It's not bad though. If you want to get it creamy again, just pop it in the microwave

      Another tip I would have would be to use a big bowl. That icing goes flying in the mixer! It can get pretty messy and on my first try I immediately regretted using a small bowl when my countertop got stuck with this sticky stuff (my mom regretted me being born!).

      That's pretty much all the tips I have. Like I said, it's pretty simple and can be used as the basis of many toppings. You can always add a drop of food coloring to brighten your cake or cupcake up! I always find that pink icing always tastes better! :)

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