I did it! I conquered the mighty red velvet cupcake! YES! Ok, that's enough celebration. Anyways, yesterday I went out to the supermarket, found all of the ingredients for a red velvet cake, bought them and made a delisioso red velvet cupcake. No lie! I have pictures to prove it! 
    I knew the requirements for a good red velvet cake. It needs cocoa, a good cream cheese frosting, vinegar, and a bright red food coloring. So, I kept this in mind when searching for a good recipe. I settled on a southern-looking one by Paula Deen (I have to say this: Martha Stewart 0, Paula Deen 1 . ;D ). It looked fairly easy and I once made a vanilla cake with a cream filling that was by Paula Deen and it turned out fairly good. The only thing was that it was a bit too sweet for my taste. So, I took some of the sugar off of these cupcakes (just to be safe). 
    Here is the link to the recipe: Red Velvet Cupcakes
Hope you all enjoy your red velvet cupcakes and be sure to post any comments, concerns, or reviews at the bottom. Bon Appetit!