Hello there, bakers! I would like to introduce you to a recent project that I've been working on. My friend introduced me to this organization called the Sun International Peace Federation. They help the children of Guatemala by building schools there to help them acheive a brighter future. Why Guatemala? Well, Guatemalans live in extreme poverty and so the children often don't get the chance to complete their education and have to drop out in order to provide for their families. So, as a result, less than 8% of Guatemalan children complete the high school (or Carerra). So, the Sun International Peace Feberation has a Build a School project going on where they are asking people to help out and donate to build schools in Guatemala.
    What does this have to do with cupcakes? Well, my friend came up with the idea that we have a bake sale. I (of course) said "sure!" and suggested we do cupcakes (have I ever mentioned that I really like cupcakes?). So, we are planning to hold a bake sale/ fundraiser in our school during lunchtime on Feb. 28 thru March 4th.
    If anyone would like to contribute to our cause please visit http://www.sunglobal.org/schoolproject.html  or donate here. Thanks!