My household always seems to have one particular thing handy: boxes of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix. We also have this can of hot chocolate (there's a difference; hot chocolate is kind of like tiny peices of shaved chocolate, while hot cocoa is just granulated cocoa mixed with sugar). The hot chocolate is real dark bittersweet chocolate. Since we have sooo much of this, I was wondering if there were other ways to use it instead of making the same old hot cocoa. Then I started wondering What if I could use this in the place of baking chocolate used in some chocolate cake recipies? That would be perfect! But, (there's always a but) I kind of have mixed feelings. I did my research and when most people have put up the question (this is like 3 people) the answer was a plain and simple no. They said it would change the taste, or something. I was like well, ok, then I'll just put in less sugar if it makes it any sweeter, right? Problem solved! But I'm not entirely sure if it will alter the texture of the cake as well. I know that baking is a very delicate science. 
Then, one day, I was continuing my research and I uncovered dozens of recipes for how to make "cake in a mug". You basically add flour, oil, water, and an egg into a coffee mug, put it in the microwave, and a cake magically pops up and out of the mug. I even saw a video. It's seriously magic. BUT, I still don't know how good of a cake this could make, or if it can even make a cake.
If anyone out there has ever made one of these magical 5 minute hot cocoa cakes, please tell me what you think of your recipe, and if you think the recipe could be expanded to make a full cake (or several cupcakes). Please, this is not the time to be shy, people! I know your out there, I have a site trafficing app! Please help me if you can, and if you can't, comment anyway.

Camille, the girl from Teen Cakes