As promised, I tried one of those "cake in a mug" recipes. You can see the results by clicking here. I am sorry to say that this recipe was a failure for me. When I took it out of the microwave after excactly 3 minutes, the cake was hard in some random parts and soft in others. After only one bite of eating it, I realized why cocoa powder isn't meant to be used in cakes. When you taste it, it has a sort cocoa-y taste. Not that rich, moist, chocolate taste that one is usually looking for when the bite into a chocolate cake. It's hard to explain. 
    In addition, after only about five minutes of eating it, it got very dry and hard. It kind of tasted like a biscotti. I'm not a fan of biscotti, so I ended up throwing it out. I just don' t like biscotti. I can't see how a stale cake is supposed to be appetizing. I don't know...I just dont't get it. But if you happen to like biscotti, this is the cake for you! 
    I'm glad I made this, though, because now I've learned my lesson. I now know why some websites say that if you use hot cocoa mix in the place of regular chocolate, it will affect the taste. I now know exactly what they mean. Next time, I'll be back with a new recipe for a chocolate chocolate cupcake. And I'll use real chocolate for a real chocolate taste.