My first obssesion in this blog is already stirring about inside me. I'm craving it oh, so much. In fact, I'm tempted to buy some just to ease the temptation. It's the red. Red Velvet cake that is! Though, I'd like to make red velvet cupcakes to practice my icing skills. SO, here's the plan, get my parents to go to the supermarket and buy:
-cream cheese
-food coloring
-and icing sugar (i ran out)
I intend to use this recipe (Paula Deen's never let me down before) and try to replicate an amazing red velvet cake done by my local cupcakery. They put cream cheese frosting inside as well as on top (again, workin' my skills). I've never piped a filling into a cupcake, but we'll see how it goes.
I'll write more when I get all my ingredients.
Again, if anyone has any tips, feel free to comment (if anyone's there).